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Aug 21, 2013 12:00pm EDT
in biloxi, mississippi. no record of a father. spent most of his childhood in foster homes. he was a medic in vietnam. awarded the purple heart. nice. first arrest in '75 when he was caught vandalizing the gates of graceland. now, why would you do that? [tires screeching] i could not make this stuff up if i tried. then he was arrested for attempted murder in '88 and then again for a diamond heist in arizona, where he served 8 years. released march, year of our lord 2000. in 1984, thomas j. murphy filed charges against the estate of elvis presley for not recognizing him as elvis' biological son. right. sure. he was denounced in '85, and he lost the case, along with 75 others claiming to be elvis presley's illegitimate children. the court ordered dna testing done. 73 of the 75 proved to be false outright. [siren] nice day. great day. marshal: now you're not gonna tell me that murphy was one of the inconclusive 2. buddy, take a look at those sideburns. [coins clattering] [ringing] peterson's antique refurbishing. naomi speaking. yes, hi, um, i'm trying to reach jay peterson. one momen
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1